Miramagica Wheel

Do you like heights? Hop on!


Hold your breath while you ascend higher and higher, up to 25 meters in the air. Prepare to enjoy a truly extraordinary view of the park seen from above, admire the skyline and at sunset, you are in for a breathtaking sight.

Roata Miramagica


Intense sensations for the whole family


Dare to be an explorer! Fly towards the sky. Feel the thrill of the heights.

Flash Tower

Bumper Boats

The coolest fun for the small and brave ones!


For the youngest and brave, Bumper Boats is the coolest form of fun. Come to the Miramagica lagoon where you can sail, race and bump into other boats. And if you add a few splashes to the adventure, you are guaranteed to have fun and feel refreshed.

barcute tamponabile

Jump Jump

Jump all the way at Miramagica


Get your share of crazy jumps at Miramagica: up and down, and then up and down again. The trampolines are ready to take you and your friends to the sky. Who jumps the highest? Who does the most spectacular twists and turns? We dare you to try your best!

Jumps for fun

Bumper Cars

Do you want to bump into other cars without getting fined?


Do you like speed and competition? Do you want to bump into other cars without getting fined? Come to Miramagica, get into your favourite car, hit the gas pedal to the floor and let's race!

bumper cars

Funny Express

The magic train is ready to take you on an imaginary trip to the Miramagica world.


Choo-Chooo! All aboard! We embark on a journey to dreamworld. We're ready to tour the Miramagica world.

Funny Express


Sign up for the balky horse race competition!

How to play:

roll a ball onto the table. The colour of the hole in which the ball falls will determine you how fast your horse is running. Three, two or a single segment.

The winner is the player whose horse is the first one to reach the finish line. A whistle will announce the end of the race and the winning table will lighten up.



It's much more than a swing, more than a classic carousel.


Miramagica's Family Carousel is the place where the whole family reaches news heights, no matter if young or old. We start slowly, we twist and turn, we speed up and touch the sky.